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As a girl growing up in Flagstaff Arizona, there was a fondness for writing poems, affirmations and writing in journals through the years. A strong, sweet passion emerged. My love of writing has taken me on a new level of consciousness for myself and certain events in my life inspired me to write my first book “Listen to the Voice Within”. Inspiring people to learn to listen to their voice within, the intuition we all have and to learn the various ways it speaks to you, and to know the wisdom and beauty for themselves. It has become a great passion of mine, to share what inspires me.

I love being barefoot, such a free feeling for me. I love connecting to Mother Earth, shoes are so confining for me! I also tend to dabble in various adventurous and experiences through life. I love exploring and seeking new aspects of myself and with life which is why I call myself “Barefoot Gypsy”. Affirmations and Poems are a way of expression for me. My hope is to spark and inspire you on your own journey.

Affirmations and poems are a way of expression for me. They have helped me on my own inner journey of learning and loving myself fully. All of my poems, quotes and affirmations are of my own design. I use my own photo’s for inspiration and I have come to love writing and creating them.

I also love writing about different situations I have encountered in my life. There always seems to be a lesson tucked inside each one for me to learn from. In reading my blogs, it is my hope that you can gain something for yourself as well.

So, peruse, enjoy and don’t forget to go on my store page for a copy of my book!

Listen To The Voice Within

With much love…



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