Lessons from an Easter Egg

I was peeling away the shell of an egg I colored for Easter one year. As I slowly removed the pieces of shell after cracking it, I saw something amazing. The dye had seeped through the shell and colored the white of the egg. Beautiful purples, pinks and greens were very tie-dye like and put me in awe! I didn’t want to eat it, it was so pretty! Then so many things began to emerge for me just looking at this gorgeous egg. So many questions as well.

There is such a magnificent beauty in all of us, if we just take away the protective shell we place around us. We all have a rich array of colors to ourselves, which should be un-shameful to display. There are colors nobody has seen before because they belong to only you. We should know and also get to know, the beauty that lies within us and not be afraid to show it to others.

As I kept gazing at the egg, I realized this is one of a kind. I am one of a kind, an original. I couldn’t copy or try to duplicate the colors and design on the egg again. Each of us are all very unique on the inside as well. Why should I try to copy someone else?! That is stealing their uniqueness from them and not honoring who they are. I’m also and more importantly, not honoring myself!

Questions began to emerge for me as I kept gazing at this beautiful egg.

What do I allow to sink into me and color the inside of me?

Are they colors of dark sadness, anger, despair and negative in nature? Or are they amazing colors of peace, joy, laughter, love and full of positivity?

Am I allowing the “dye,” or color, to seep into myself? When I don’t want it to?

Do I color the outside shell to mask and hide myself on the inside never letting anyone see me?

Do I protect myself with my shell, so heartache never sets in me? Or, can I break it open to set myself free?

Do I “hard boil” myself? Beat myself up or “scramble” myself to a bloody oblivion?

All questions to gaze upon in my life.

There are different colors that I apply to myself. All are magnificent, gorgeous and amazing riches which I add to my life. Events, situations and people all help color who I am. And I have come to know, when you peel away the outer shell, the beauty of you is amazing! Thank you Easter Egg, for such a profoundness for myself!

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