Leave a light on in your Heart

Seventeen years ago, I was in darkness and hit hard by a storm which brought me to my knee’s. My divorce left me in a million pieces and each of those pieces kept bleeding. Then a couple of years later, my Dad passed away. It took me a long many years to pick myself up. Like puzzle pieces, I had to put myself back together. But I also knew, the outcome of the picture I was creating had to be different. I had to ignite the light I knew was inside my heart. The lady I so desperately wanted to be was buried deep within the catacombs of my heart. I just had to bring her out!

Thankfully, I had family and friends to help lift me off of my knee’s. It felt wonderful to have helping loving hands, when they were out reaching for me, to grab a hold of. I also I knew I needed therapy to help me work things through bit by bit. I realized I’m stronger than I think I am. I amazed myself. I slowly started to see and feel the spark that was always there inside my heart.

It’s been an incredible, magical journey to say the least! And I’m still on it! I have tenderly wiped each bloody puzzle piece with love and set them around the light of my heart. I vowed to never ever let the light of my heart, go out or dim again.

2019, I experienced a deep love with a wonderful man. But yet again, a storm hit me. But this time I was not left in darkness, because I had done the hard work within myself. And he will always have a sweet spot in my heart.

We all have a house we go to and live in. I leave the porch light on outside my house and I leave a light on inside my house. I feel safe knowing I can see the door, and I feel comfort knowing I can see my way inside the house. I realized I have another home. Within myself! I have always said: “If I’m around myself all the time, why don’t I get to know me and love the home of my heart!”

It was easier for me, as I go through this storm, because I have already done my hard inner work and strive to on a continuous basis. To make sure my light within will always be on, so when storms come and darkness hits, I have a light on to see my way home!

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