As you can tell, I love affirmations! I’ve been writing them ever since I was a wee girl. I’m always on the search for affirmations from other’s, to help me with my own inner journey. I credit this affirmation to Abraham Hicks. Then later on Abraham said it this way as well:

“Looking for your soulmate?

“Look into the mirror, and be the mate to your soul!”

This hit me like a ton of bricks years ago after my divorce. It caused me to take myself out of the “oh, woe is me pity party.” I kept saying: “Where is he, the love of my life! I just want someone to love me for who I am and stay with me, be my soulmate, my life partner!”

Then after reading this affirmation, I looked into the mirror. I gazed at myself, and I knew I had to devote myself to be the mate to my soul. Last year I had a wonderful man in my life. This present day of February 11th 2021, as Valentines Day approaches, I am embracing being single again. I am still constantly working on being the mate to my soul. Learning to do that, has been incredibly enriching and enhancing. It brings an amazing and awesome beauty into myself and my life.

I always say: “If I’m around myself all the time, why don’t I get to know me and love me?!” “I have to be the love of my life! “I have to be my life partner!” “I have to be the mate to my soul!”

Affirmations can smack you like a gentle kiss. Wake and shake you. Spark and ignite you. Help you. That is why I write affirmations! Because they are what ignites me. It has become a passion of mine, to help give you guidance for your own innermost journey.

There are many souls we will meet that can and will be a soulmate for us. But always know that your the most important soulmate you will ever have! Your soulmate is you! Be the mate to your soul!!

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