Guidance from your soul

Every now and then, especially now during these uncertain times, I feel a little lost. A little unbalanced with myself. It is during these times when I know I need to get quiet within and ask for guidance.

2020 has had me go within for the answers I need. There is always a loving truth which emerges and sometimes a perspective I have never thought of before. When I free my mind of all the false negative crap, I can then free and follow my heart.

Your mind tends to feed you things which are totally untrue. Overthinking leads to imaginary thoughts, that really are not there and serve no purpose. They cause you to be out of alignment with who you really are. Sometimes we can get in our own way! When this happens, step into your heart, and know you will receive a clearer answer and vision for yourself. Your heart and soul knows what you need and has all the answers you will ever need.

You have an extraordinary magic which lives within you. It will lovingly guide and take you beyond your wildest dreams. So:

Align with your truth. Follow your heart. Free your mind. Get quiet and listen, notice the loving guidance you hear inside your soul.

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