No time or room for pain

I haven’t got time for the pain.

I haven’t got room for the pain.

There is a song by Carly Simon, which has this phrase in it. It just popped in my head one day. It’s actually a romantic song. But these two phrases jumped out at me in a very different manner.

I just ended a year long romance and I am left with working on dissipating the heartache. As I go through this grieving process, I ask myself: Why am I letting this consume me? I’ve got a beautiful life to live. I haven’t got time for the pain! Life is too damn precious to be wasting time on heartache and pain for days, months or even years!

I did sit for a couple of months with tears streaming like waterfalls from my eyes. I gently stopped and thought: I really don’t have room for pain and heartache to dwell and live in me. To continue living in pain is not who I am! I choose to only have room for love, laughter, joy, peace and keep positivity within me. When I choose to look at my life differently it becomes more fluid, awesome and amazing things begin to happen. There is a easement which sets in.

This relationship put me in utter awe of myself. I gave it my all, but I also, listened to my voice within for guidance. I set my boundaries and I’m proud of myself for standing my ground and honoring myself when those boundaries were not met. I deserve someone worthy of me. I now know I am worthy of myself.

I also learned you can help people a lot of the time, but in certain circumstances, if their not willing to get the help they need for themselves, there is no need to keep holding your hand out hoping they will grasp on to help pull them out! It also drains your precious energy! Even though there was, and always will be, a deep love present, I would rather have tears of love, laughter, joy and peace rain from my eyes, rather than the heavy tears of pain.

It hurts to let someone go! Especially when their a wonderful person despite the problems that plague them. It hurts to let the wonderful parts of the relationship go. But it hurts even more if I let myself go!!

I’ve learned to really follow my voice within, my intuition. It is always right for me. There are so many different ways your voice with speaks to you. For me, it was phrases from a song.

I haven’t got time for the pain!

I haven’t got room for the pain!

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