Listen to your inner knowing

Trust in yourself!

There is a deep wisdom which is within each of us. It is always present. It knows you like no one else knows you. It is the core of you. It is your intuition, your voice within. Your voice within is the most sacred part of you. It is always true to you and always WILL be true to you.

I know that if I feel uneasy about a situation, or I am faced with some really difficult decisions, I feel safe to ask myself for the answers. I know without a doubt, I will receive an ever-loving and honest response from my voice within. It has never, ever steered me wrong! When I listen to my jumbled up, overthinking mind, my life seems to wander off track from where I really intended to go! It guides me in wacked out directions! I find if I get myself out of my head and listen to my heart, my inner loving guidance is there to wrap around me like a snuggling warm blanket, making me feel safe.

Throughout my life, I have learned to really listen to the voice within me. I have learned so many various ways my beautiful intuition guides me. Have you listened to your intuition lately? Or do you pay more attention to your jumbled mind. Stop and take some time to notice which is true for you.

If you would like to learn the many ways your voice within, your intuition, speaks to you, you can get my book, Listen To The Voice Within. Go to my store page for a copy.

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