Dana Clausen

Monthly Archives: October 2020

Every now and then, especially now during these uncertain times, I feel a little lost. A little unbalanced with myself. It is during these times when I know I need to get quiet within and ask for guidance. 2020 has had me go within for the answers I need. There is always a loving truth which emerges and sometimes a perspective I have never thought of before. When I free my mind… Read More

I haven’t got time for the pain. I haven’t got room for the pain. There is a song by Carly Simon, which has this phrase in it. It just popped in my head one day. It’s actually a romantic song. But these two phrases jumped out at me in a very different manner. I just ended a year long romance and I am left with working on dissipating the heartache. As I… Read More

There is a deep wisdom which is within each of us. It is always present. It knows you like no one else knows you. It is the core of you. It is your intuition, your voice within. Your voice within is the most sacred part of you. It is always true to you and always WILL be true to you. I know that if I feel uneasy about a situation, or I… Read More

Your intuition, your inner voice is like a compass. It will always steer you in the right direction for yourself. Through the years many people have given me advice. Some graciously give their wisdom, some give advice and get angry or upset because their advice is not being utilized. “Why didn’t you do it the way I told you! they would exclaim. the way “they wanted” seems right for me? I always… Read More