Listen To The Voice Within

Hearing and following the voice within. Different ways the voice speaks to us. Whispers from the soul.

Do you ever get those little nugget of nudges, that “I just know” feeling which feels right, or doesn’t feel right? That all “knowing” voice which whispers, sings, calls, or shouts. Pushing you towards something or prompting you to pull away. It can be gently guiding you, or like ‘Thor’s hammer’ hitting you on the head.

There is a voice within each of us, all knowing, loving and guiding us through the river of life. Learning to listen to your inner voice in various ways leads to a love within yourself which is so profound and powerful.

Your heart always knows the answer. So, always trust your inner voice, your instincts. They are messages from your heart and soul. All the answers you need are within you! Your intuition is your true self and a field of all possibilities.

My new book: Listen To The Voice Within, will help guide you through, to realize for yourself, the various ways the voice within you, guides you through your life.

I hope my book and affirmations, will inspire you on your own inner journey in life. The greatest love you will ever know, lies within you! The journey to “YOU” is amazing!

So stay tuned To find out when the book will be released!!

Do you keep saying: “I’ll do it tomorrow!”

Life is “NOW!” You reading this is the “NOW.” Your breathing in this very moment is the “NOW.” With all of your hopes, dreams and desires you hold for yourself, and for your future, make today the opportunity to step towards those dreams, desires and goals. Tomorrow soon becomes your today, and today is the tomorrow that you wanted to take action.

There is another saying: “Don’t put it off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

So, when tomorrow comes, then the next tomorrow comes, then the next, you have a stack of tomorrows that you have wasted! How many tomorrows have you gone through? Don’t waste the day wishing for more tomorrows. How much time are you going to waste thinking you need more time? Your tomorrows can’t get better unless you make the first step today and keep stepping forward. Take steps to plan that trip you’ve always wanted and go! Go after that dream job, take the class you’ve wanted to take. Make today the day you call to get clean and sober! Make today the day you start writing a book! Hey, if I can write a book, so can you!! Start that website, be the boss of your own company, call friends and loved ones to spend more precious time with them! Whatever it is!!

Don’t let another tomorrow slip through your fingers. Today is the day! Your dreams of tomorrow can be your reality today. Make your tomorrows come to life!